Refinitive email migration – September 2014

The email service that hosts the email for your domain is changing. The server is operating old technology and needs to be updated, we will be migrating your domain to a new server which has many advantages, the only input required on your part is to change you settings, everything else will be automatic.

What are the benefits?

Improved spam filtering – very effective in filtering out the junk

How and when will it happen?

Improved web client – easier to check your email on the web

The process is automatic, a number of steps will be taken by the administrator and you will be notified of your migration date 48 hours in advance.

When the migration happens you will have to change the settings on your computer and phone to ensure that you can received the new emails. The old setting will still be able to check email but no new emails will be received.

All your existing emails will be available on the new server, the experience will be seamless such that the only action you have to take is to change your settings.

Setting up outlook:

If you have the old server setup in outlook you will need to modify it, use the instructions below.

Click on “File” and “Account Settings”


It is suggested that you delete your existing account and create a new account by selecting “New”


Select “Manual Setup” and you will be presented with details screen

Enter Name and email address.

Incoming mail server:

Username: same as email address

Password: same as previous server

In More settings, check the box that says outgoing mail requires authentication and outgoing mail uses the same credentials as incoming. 

Checking your email on the web:

Go to


Type in your username and password

Note that your new username will also have your domain i.e. if your previous username was “angus” your new username will be

Your password will remain the same, it is recommended that you change it within 48 hours of migration, if you change it earlier that this then it will not be possible to copy emails from the old server to the new server automatically.

Note that the previous webmail will not work for new emails

Admin tasks

Changing your password

Adding a new user

Trouble shooting

Error accessing web mail

If you get the following error select “Continue to this website”


Missing emails received

There is a remote possibility there may be some overlap between the operation of the two servers, if you want to check the old server to determine if an email was received please go to and use your old username and password

Duplicate emails

There is a possibility that you may have duplicate emails in your inbox or emails that you have previously deleted or filed in a folder appear again in your inbox after the migration. The server will sync between old and new and has been setup this way to ensure that no emails are lost, we have take the approach to allow duplicates and therefore minimise the possibility of losing any emails.

Other queries

Email this will be received immediately and dealt with as soon as possible, emails can be sent from gmail or Hotmail if there are problems accessing your domain email.

For any urgent support please contact Angus – note that non urgent queries will be referred to the email address above.